Foreign Body Removal

Foreign Body Removal

A foreign body in the eye is something that enters the eye from outside of the body - grit, pieces of wood or metal, or eyelashes.

Foreign bodies can cause abrasions on the cornea. Although these are usually minor, some foreign bodies can cause acute infection or may damage your vision.



If you have a foreign body in your eye, you will probably have immediate irritation or pain. Depending on what it is and how the injury happened, the foreign body may cause serious injury (such as piercing the eye) or it may simply resolve itself with no long-term problem.

Symptoms you may experience include:
• pressure or discomfort
• pain
• tearing
• sensitivity to light
• excessive blinking
• redness or a bloodshot eye
• discharge of fluid or blood from the eye if the foreign body has penetrated the eye



Removal of a foreign body from your eye may be done by yourself at home or may require medical intervention.

For small things that are not sharp, you may be able to remove it by rinsing the eye with water, wiping it away with a cotton bud or using a shower attachment with a gentle flow of warm water over the open eye. Try not to rub the eye or to put any pressure on it.

If you cannot easily remove the object you should seek medical attention. If you continue to try you could cause further injury to your eye.



It is a good idea to protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses when in a windy environment or protective goggles when working with tools.



An ACC claim can be made in the case of a foreign body in the eye. City Eye ophthalmologists are ACC approved. The injury is registered and ACC contribute toward the cost of consultation and removal.

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